Xmas NFTs: The Winter Event, Burns, Liquidity, and more!

Xmas NFTs: The Winter Event, Burns, Liquidity, and more!

It’s Winter Season!

We have spent quite some time designing these upcoming events and we're happy to finally share it with you!

It’s fair to say that the NFT Hunt has been quite a fun concept so far. As a team, we're very happy about the cultural values the NFT hunt grows within the KALM community.

We plan to keep improving by providing dynamic gamified experiences in the DeFi-NFT ecosystem we build.

For the next step in this direction, we would like introduce the NFT Events – a series of smaller sized accessible sales, unified by one collection but serving different goals and backed by different physical rewards.

The first event is coming to Kalmy.APP this winter season and will extend run to the end of February.

Xmas Kalmy NFTs

Let’s meet the heroes of the Winter Season Event - Xmas Kalmy NFTs.

Each of the designs will have 200 units, just with a little twist… But first, the designs:

1. Gifts Time! Don't forget about your friends and family! Yep, the real life ones too!

2. Ho Ho Ho! The Kalmy Claus is here! ...Or is it Rudolph the Flat-Nosed Squid?

3. The Snowman. Step by step, snowball by snowball... That's how it's coming together.

4. Unbox Therapy. The snowflake or the twinkle little star? No need to choose if you could have both!

5. Xmas Tree. It smells good, isn't it? Yeah, surely isn't plastic.

The sales and raised funds distribution.

The events will be random and the raised funds will be used for different purposes. The first sale to be hosted on December 21, ~9PM SGT. The corresponding sales dates to be notified ~24-48 hours prior the actual sales.

Here is how the NFTs/raised funds will be distributed:

0. The total of 50 NFTs (5%) will be reserved for NFT Hunts and random selected KALM stakers.

1. 5% (=50 NFTs) of the sales will be going to the charity of community’s choice. It’s the magic time of the year and we believe that our community is capable of doing a lot of good.

2. 30% (=300 NFTs) of the sales raised funds will be locked in the liquidity.

3. 50% (=500 NFTs) of the sales raised funds will be used to market buy KALM. The purchased KALM will be sent to the burn address.

4. 10% (=100 NFTs) would go to the treasury to cover the sale’s costs. Any leftovers (if any) from this amount would be used to purchase KALM… And straight to the fire.

The price per pack with 1 random NFT is 0.2 BNB. The total amount to be raised during the winter season is 190 BNB.

Note: this is the first sale where we combine physical rewards and community benefits.

We believe the concept is well-balanced, however, the experimental nature of the sale implies relatively lower numbers to test the flow of the event.

The result of the sales (and the upcoming KalmySwap KALM liquidity pool) will likely reshape the next events.

Spoiler for careful readers: KalmySwap Alpha testnet applications to become open end December.

The physical rewards.

Each Kalmy sale from the Winter Event brings us a high chance to win the physical reward... But let's keep the surprise element to keep that magic feel up.

The amount of rewards for each individual sale will vary and will be announced together with the sale date (12-24 hours in advance).

To distinguish the NFT that is redeemable for the reward, check out the background. Gradient background NFTs are burnable for the rewards. And that’s the previously mentioned twist.

The first sale's reward is... A one of a kind Kalmy underwear that would be redeemable for 'Gifts Time!'. 50 units total. Made in Italy by our friends from KALM ITA. The chance to win is 25%.

You'll see more renders coming days. A lot more.

But yeah, just imagine showing up to the date in these beasts:

The new physical rewards will be announced on one-by-one basis once the previous reward sale is completed.

PS. *Special secret reward.* 1 unit. The ultimate Kalmy Trophy. Will be chosen randomly among all the Xmas NFT holders at the end of the last sale. The reward is to be uncovered after the third sale.

So, get ready. And just like the NFT hunts – the winter sales can drop any day after December 21st 👀