UX/UI Bug Bounty - Win Kalmy NFTs

UX/UI Bug Bounty - Win Kalmy NFTs

It's time for us to start a new bug bounty and award you with Kalmy NFTs!

We've launched a ton of new interesting stuff since our previous bug bounty, including KalmySwap and KALM staking on BNB Chain, Fantom and Avalanche, new farms, bonds, LP staking, locking, and governance, all while having NFT wars in the works (coming soon).

And, like with any new feature, a bug bounty round is always a good idea!


This bug bounty program is aimed towards our UX/UI.

If you encounter any hiccup while using kalmy.app such as a blank page while linking your wallet, a missing yield farming position, issues when attempting to interact with our UI, and so on, this bug bounty is for you.

Simply fill out the submission form lettings us know what happened, and we'll inspect and send it right into our hot-fix list.

Form: https://forms.gle/T8DJnLyDY7yWs3uDA

Submissions that present a globally reproducible issue will earn a Kalmy NFT!

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