Xmas NFTs Sale Schedule, Next Quarter Roadmap, Liquidity Deposit, and 2022 Priorities.

Xmas NFTs Sale Schedule, Next Quarter Roadmap, Liquidity Deposit, and 2022 Priorities.

We would like to keep this blog short and informative.

Firstly, our apologies for the recent delay. It's the end of the year - the time when too many factors might come in place (+IFO but no excuses). We are obviously concerned about this and have already addressed the core issues of the delay internally.

Updated Sales Schedule

The first sale date is December 26th, 1PM UTC. This is a sharp date and we do plan to avoid announcing ETAs from now on.

The next sale date will be announced upon the completion of the first sale. There will be 10 sales in total.

For the sale details please go to the previous blog: here.

Next Quarter Roadmap

Here is the list of development objectives we will focus on within the next 3-4 months:

• KalmySwap & KALM LPs



• Kalmy NFTs utility

• NFT Gallery

• Entire platform bugs review and optimization

We would be updating the status on these development under the progress section on Kalmy.APP (under the Staking tab).

Liquidity deposit

As the liquidity migration process from PancakeSwap to KalmySwap is about to finish, we wanted to start slightly reducing the wait for the traders part of the community. We will be adding ~$250,000 worth of the liquidity to the PCS KALM - BNB LP in parts within the next several days.

This liquidity will then be migrated to KalmySwap once the KALM - BUSD pool is released and will in steps be returned to the development funding in a reasonable manner.

2022 Priorities

Thanks for being so early with us. This first year was important for KALM to set a base - get a core community of supporters, polish internal team workflow, and solidify the vision of Kalmy.APP as a DeFi-NFT Hub.

The upcoming year is time to step up and focus on expansion. The key priorities remain the same - creating a sustainable, thoughtful and balanced ecosystem of carefully selected and reworked products.

We will be adding marketing, execution, and capturing liquidity to the list. After a previously mentioned round of optimization, we will focus on reviewing current LP mining/other KALM incentives to create a stronger environment for attracting TVL.

Execution is about meeting deadlines and being more organized in communication flow. New docs, tutorials, roadmap status, solid dates. The memes will stay around but we will be combining it with a more professional approach entering 2022.

And marketing is marketing. We have never done much of it, so now is the time.

PS Merry Xmas and Stay KALM ❤️