The BNB journey. Chapter 2 Intro: A Party with Friends.

The BNB journey. Chapter 2 Intro: A Party with Friends.

Congratulations if you are still here. Walking through the darkness of stealth is always tough. Especially, when so many neighbors are having loud and flashy parties.

But we have a party of our own in the making. So, let's spoil a bit to ease the wait.

BNB Chain is in a tricky state.

So... What do we do about it?

There are several strong complexities in the current BNB DeFi-NFT field. Let's quickly address some and our plans to target those.

Firstly, BUSD, the central stablecoin of the BNB DeFi has taken a liquidity hit due to the pause of minting. Our products that were going through updates moving into the Beta such as stablecoin lending would need a new sustainable core.

To address that we are preparing to propose users with 2 new options on our products: a centralized, being USDT, and, more excitingly, a decentralized one – HAY by Helio Money.

While the first option is a conservative go-to for years in the space, the second option allows for a complete Decentralized Finance experience.

Second, the PancakeSwap's v2 vs v3 liquidity migration. So far, less than 10% of the TVL has migrated from standard v2 AMM to a new concentrated liquidity model.

We have briefly communicated with Chefs on this topic as several of our products are based around v2 liquidity. After getting certain clarity about the understanding of processes on their side, we have decided to predicatbly prepare for several potential options on the final liquidity incentivization.

If v2 gets rewards, we continue the original Beta routine preparations. With v3 continuing to be a dominant product as well as the TVL appreciating to crucial %s, we are already in talks with the best-in-class v3 liquidity management service. Click-and-go, let the science manage your capital for the best APYs.

For now, we observe.

The most important – the ecosystem itself. BNB Chain still lacks innovative DeFi and NFT solutions that are driven to be centered around the native users of the chain. The occassionally incoming ETH protocols did not help the culture or any local demographics truly grow, we as a community were always only an option for some extra liquidity.

Together with our friends, back in August (so, it's been 8 months!), we have decided it's time. Time to build a fundamental ecosystem where users interest comes first. An ecosystem, where people can vote for the next step. Where opinions are formed into the ideas, and the ideas have a clear framework for the execution. Just like early BNB Chain (BSC) days.

And so, the list of partners is large and strong.

Spoilers? On top of the mentioned between the lines: RWAs (ForEx, stocks, commodities), NFT Platform (a new best-in-class marketplace), trading competitions (PNL leaderboards), on-chain fund (with Kalmy as liquidity layers). We even have perps. Or fair + transparent news.

It's honestly enormous and we are just happy to simply start revealing this to the public around late April or early May. So, stay strong, we are almost there.

The Beta itself?

Our degen Mark has leaked some spoilers of a reworked UI on his twitter, so you could check that out. We are currently taking our time to adjust all the pieces to match the partners needs and make all the integrations smooth. Expect a lot of info coming weeks.

The goal for Kalmy App during Beta is to intuitively accomodate infrastructural integrations incoming, provide users access to all the benefits of these integrations, and amplify all the current fragmented liquidity opportunities on BNB DeFi.

Think about all the madness that happens on BNB DeFi-NFT arena, unified, sorted, optimized and supported by partners with one goal – to maximize the value of BNB chain for its daily users.

We'll make sure everyone meaningfully participating on chain will get its chance to make his or her input. And KALM is a key for the ultimate votes on all the moves (our voting mechanics goals are still here:

The party will be loud and flashy. Expect some windy weather; first on BNB, and then on other chains.