The NFT Madness. A new chapter.

The NFT Madness. A new chapter.

Any NFT staking. Final Kalmy NFTs sale. New collections for freemint in 24 hours. Whitelist directions. Freemint directions. And more. Read.

Ok, let’s start.

And we will start with… New Kalmy NFT freemints.

We have selected several NFT communities for a vote. The vote will start on August 27th and will last 48 hours.

This vote will decide which top 3 communities will get 100, 50 and 30 free mints that will be claimed on a “first come, first serve basis”.

The voting mechanism will be based on:

  • Locked KALM weight
  • KALM staked
  • KALM in wallet

The voting platform will count your KALM on all available blockchains (BSC, FTM, and AVAX).

We will not release the names of whitelisted collections before the vote to avoid any speculation. If any community decides to be on the list, please fill out this very short form:

Next on the list? Ah, the famous whitelist!

What whitelist does is rather simple - it’s a guaranteed chance to mint Kalmy NFT. Firstly, no timezones conflict. Second, the discounted price. But the most interesting…

Let’s go back to votes.

Yes, these free mints can get crowdy. Squads (500 slots) and top 3 voting collections (180 slots) are limited. Whitelist owners will get an early access to free mint Kalmy NFT with 3rd party NFTs.

How to get whitelist?

Just be active on socials and the help community the next coming days. After all, we are doing this for BNB Chain NFTs, so let’s hype the staking up, something no other chains do yet.

The actual Kalmy NFTs sale.

This is where things are quiet easy. The sale will start on 28th, 4pm UTC.The price in $KALM for 1 stakable Kalmy NFT is $100, a price in stablecoins/altcoins is $135.

A total amount of NFTs available is 1500. Whenever it’s minted out - we'll start the whitelist / free mints phase.

Because we cannot estimate the amount of you that will like to keep their Kalmy's Universe NFT and not burn it for a Kalmy NFT, we will do the last sale with all the remaining NFTs after the whitelist / free mints phase.

Part of proceedings from sales will be used for buying back and burning KALM just like the last time. Perhaps, we could add some of that to KALM LPs - we’ll see how it goes.

The equation is rather simple, stronger KALM voting power = better NFT staking APYs for everyone.

To learn about the launching weekly staking votings and how APY would be determined:

Next, a new utility for Kalmy NFTs

Lending/staking/farming APY boost, swap fee discounts, and increased daily bonds purchase limit.

We plan to align the DeFi tools and Kalmy NFTs use cases further across all Kalmy.APP products. We will potentially apply all these benefits to several other collections later on, all will be decided on the voting platform.


The dates for freemints and whitelists periods - we will drop these shortly after the start of the sales on 28th. We expect early September to be the start of WL and freemint claim period.

And as for the staking launch date itself - the code is pretty much ready. The question is… Are you?


Ri and Mark