The KALM Token — Early User Airdrop

A summary of the KALM airdrop.

The KALM Token — Early User Airdrop

We are excited to bring to you the first airdrop planned for the users of the leveraged yield farming's platform, which we plan to launch the following week.

For this event we allocated 300,000 KALM tokens (3% of the supply).

  • Allocation will be distributed equally between borrowers and lenders.
  • Allocation will be taken from the Mining Incentives fund.

KALM Tokenomics:

In order to qualify, users must use leverage greater than 1. To determine the winners we will be using snapshots taken at random intervals known only by the Kalmar team in order to protect us as well as our users from bad actors.

The exact date of the distribution will be announced on Kalmar's official social media - so do make sure to get connected!

Full details about our airdrop:

Important notice

At the time of writing the KALM token has NOT been launched and there is no public sale live. Do NOT try buying any token that claims to be ours, it will result in a financial loss.

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