The KALM Staking - Phase 1 Launch

The KALM staking is here!

The KALM Staking - Phase 1 Launch

We're excited to announce that the most awaited feature of the KALM staking (based on public votes), the KALM for KALM farming, is going live today @ 9PM SGT! 🥳

With this update, we're now introducing the vKALM token, token which will be the main source of benefits when it comes to the future use-cases of the KALM token.

Let's now discuss about tokenomics, vKALM, and also show you how to stake your KALM!

General information

We allocated 420,000 KALM tokens (4.20% of the entire supply) for the first year.

There is currently no locking and no vesting when it comes to stacking KALM.

The locking options will be made available in the future, once the next KALM use-case, Kalmy's Yield Cheat Codes, is ready.

About vKALM

The vKALM token, which is a big part of this update, is the part that will connect all the future use-cases of the KALM token.

For example, when it comes to governance, one's voting power will not be calculated based on the KALM owned, but based on the vKALM owned. The same principle will apply to all future use-cases, such as Kalmy's Lucky Draw, Kalmy's Yield Cheat Codes, Kalmy's Secret Exhibition, etc.

It should not be traded or sold, as you will be unable to unstake your KALM without it.

How to stake your KALM

You can stake your KALM with just a few clicks! Let's see how to do it.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click on the "Stake" tab in the left menu.

Step 3. Input the amount of KALM you want to stake, click the "Stake" button and you're done!

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