Swap solution update — The Oceanic Alliance

Everything about our new swapping solution that can reduce fees and slippage to a minimum of 0.01%!

Swap solution update — The Oceanic Alliance

We are happy to announce that we've partnered with NarwhalSwap to bring to the Kalmarians the best swap rates available on the market at no extra cost!

Following our protocol-to-protocol partnership, the users of Kalmar's platform benefit from using NarwhalSwap's best rate aggregator waving NarwhalSwap's 0.1% swap fee while opening, closing, refilling, and compounding their farming positions!

Initially, on the drawing board, we decided to only integrate Nerve or Ellipsis to reduce the fees and slippage of our stablecoin-based part of the protocol, however, after multiple tests, we concluded that it is not the best solution available.

We want only the best for Kalmarians, and this is where the Ocean Alliance formed!

NarwhalSwap's Best Rate Swap offers Kalmar the opportunity to aggregate between PancakeSwap, Ellipsis, ACryptoS, MDEX, ApeSwap, BakerySwap, JulSwap, PantherSwap, Wault Finance, and of course, NarwhalSwap.

Testing results

The results of the tests we've done on the new swapping solution brought a smile onto our faces, managing to reduce fees & slippage from an average of over 1% per trade, down to 0.01% per trade for pairs with enough liquidity such as USDT-BUSD!


Although aggregating is currently the best possible solution available, the math behind every swapping protocol does not change.

Our recommendation for users that are looking to open large positions in pairs that do not have a large liquidity base is still to do it in batches and wait a couple of blocks for arbitrage bots to clear up the prices before opening a new position.

For example, before the change, a swap of 1,000,000 BUSD into USDT would come with a slippage impact of ~1.05%, meanwhile now it comes with slippage of ~0.12% that could be reduced to 0.01% if done in smaller batches.

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