Progress & Updates - Tokenomics, launch, airdrop, and more

Progress & Updates - Tokenomics, launch, airdrop, and more

Kalmar believes traditional finance can be replaced with DeFi and gamification. With this idea in mind, our team has started working on the concept of DeFi bank. Since that day, we have built and successfully tested 2 products - single-asset deposit leveraged yield farming product and NFT fundraiser platform. Our further vision is to create an ecosystem of interacting DeFi protocols and fuel those with engagement models based on NFTs.

Kalmar has secured partnerships with companies as Hacken, 3commas, Blockvis, Techpad, Prometeus, Prosper, and many more. Among our numerous backers are blockchain venture capital firms as BTX Capital, Morningstar Ventuers, A195 capital. With these fundamental components, our team was able to successfully build the existing core ecosystem and will be able to continue delivering innovation in decentralized finance and NFT cross-sections.

All fueled by our native token - KALM.

Without further speaking, we want to share the overview of our progress since November, brief details about our products, public sale guides and other information you might want to know.

Our live products

We currently have two products live.

Leveraged yield farming

In short, leveraged yield farming is nothing more than yield farming combined with the ability to borrow assets and automatically reinvest farmed tokens and trading fees to increase the returns over time.


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NFT Fundraiser

People will be able to purchase NFTs created by the fundraising party. The NFT could later be exchanged for a unique reward according to what the fundraising party's terms.


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A brief look into the progress we've made since November 2020.



  • The core team of Kalmar forms and the development begins.



  • The public testnet for our leveraged yield farming product goes live, with over 450 applicants.
  • The bug bounty for critical bugs is set to $10,000 USD+.


  • The tokenomics of the native token are first introduced.
  • We partner with Hacken & HackenProof for contract auditing and support of the bug bounty program.
  • We announce a strategic partnership with 3Commas, dedicated to building a safe automated trading environment for DeFi users.


  • The audit results of the leveraged yield farming product are posted.
  • The KALM airdrop program is announced to attract users and collect feedback.
  • The leveraged yield farming product goes live and the first snapshot is taken.
  • The tokenomics of the leveraged yield farming product are announced.
  • The NFT Fundraiser product is introduced and the landing page goes live.
  • The vote regarding the addition of a BUSD lending and stablecoin farming option goes live on Twitter and it passes with 96% of votes being for it.


  • We announce a strategic partnership with AirNFTs, dedicated to creating new unique opportunities for NFT artists within Kalmar's fundraiser platform.
  • We announce Techpad and Blockvis as our strategic, consulting partners in the DeFi and gamification development fields.
  • The code for our leveraged stablecoin farming is fully completed and submitted for audit at our partners at Hacken.

Security Approach

We audit all the added DeFi protocols before launch. We strongly believe that auditing after launch is irresponsible and harmful for the industry. We as well audit all the code updates coming to existing products.

Public sales

There are two launching events that are going to take place simultaneously, that being our IFO on PancakeSwap and fundraiser on our own NFT Fundraiser platform.

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Next Update

BUSD Lending and stablecoin pair farms

This extension of our leveraged yield farming product is currently in the process of being audited by our partners, Hacken, and will be launched in ~a week.

Tokenomics Summary

Leveraged Yield Farming Tokenomics:

Tokenomics Update

As the title suggests, our tokenomics have slightly changed since their first release, with the main change being a 50% reduction in team's allocation, going from 17% of the total supply to 8.5%.

We have decided to do so in order to find a better balance between resourceful leadership and community distribution.

The tokenomics of our leveraged yield farming product have not changed.

You can find the new tokenomics here:


The roadmap will be posted mid/late June, 2021.


The snapshots of the airdrop will be running until 2 hours before the IFO/NFT Fundraiser event, on May 27th.

The tokens amounting for 3% of total supply will be distributed in 3 stages of 1% each.

You can find more about the airdrop here:

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