NFT Fundraiser — Introduction

A quick overview of our second product, the NFT Fundraiser.

NFT Fundraiser — Introduction

With our first product live and thriving, we're not intending to slow down anytime soon. We have continued BUIDLing and today we are excited to introduce you to our second product, the NFT Fundraiser.

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Our long term mission is to reduce the gap between the blockchain and the rest of the world. We are always looking to help individuals, brands or companies take their first steps into the blockchain world as smoothly as possible.

At the moment there are limited ways for companies and individuals to raise capital with the help of the blockchain. We believe that we can help address this problem with our second product: the NFT Fundraiser.

What does it mean for you as a user? This means that NFTs now have real value. You can now participate in fundraisers by buying NFTs which you can then exchange for prizes at the end of the sale.


The goal of the fundraiser is to provide benefits and rewards to all parties involved, therefore, the logic behind the reward system is simple.

Any company/project/influencer will be able to raise funds by selling NFTs via the fundraiser event. The users that are funding that particular event will effectively receive random NFTs at the end of the sale. All the NFTs can be exchanged into prizes and the prize's value will be based on the NFT’s rarity.

Preserving 'Fairness'

We've noticed that the current way a fundraiser event works on the blockchain creates a disadvantage to regular users being it on a “first come – first served basis”, whitelist or overflow sales. Oftentimes whales outplay the fundraisers structures to their advantage with their capital and we are dedicated to address that issue.

The team is aiming for a proper rewards distribution based on funding amounts, with multiple types of rewards depending on the amount of NFTs of that particular event as well as the trading users do in order to be able to gain as many different NFTs in order to acquire the access to a bigger reward.

Example NFT Fundraiser Event

Let’s take a look at a sample event (Event X) that has 5 types of NFT designs that can be exchanged for 5 different rewards:

  • Most rare NFT will usually count towards the most rare prizes
  • Most common NFTs etc. will count towards prizes with corresponding values

At the start of the event users will be able to buy a pack of up to 5 random NFTs. Users will have a few options as to what to do with these NFTs when the sale ends.

Users can choose to

  • Burn NFTs in exchange for prizes
  • Trade the NFTs via marketplaces
  • Or store them as a collection (with the lifetime guarantee of a prize backing)

Yes, you read that correctly. If you buy a Kalmar’s NFT from someone you are immediately eligible for the prize that you can exchange for that NFT.

This provides users with more opportunities and gamification than a regular fundraiser event, because the amount of NFTs per event will be limited.

In other words, even if you have a capital that allows you to buy just 1 NFT but you do not want to claim the reward that comes along with that NFT, you could always sell your NFT to another buyer that needs that specific reward.

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We will be coming up with more details closer to the first public sale. If you feel like trying out our fundraiser format - contact us today!

Raise funds with the help of the first NFT based fundraiser product via the first decentralized bank on Binance Smart Chain:

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