New development backers - Techpad and Blockvis

Kalmar, along with leading developer consulting firms Blockvis and TechPad, aims to gamify and popularize DeFi.

New development backers - Techpad and Blockvis

About the partnership philosophy

We are very proud to announce TechPad and Blockvis as our strategic consulting partners in decentralized finance and gamification development. Kalmar is betting that the future of finance lies within the intersection of both decentralization and engagement. Together with our new partners we are extending our opportunities and experience in our development department.

About our new partners

TechPad is the industry leader in digital product development. For years, it has been successful in assisting gamification-oriented blockchain projects. TechPad has diverse experience in blockchain consulting and an impressive portfolio of thriving clients, such as Chromia by Chromaway and My Neighbor Alice by Binance Launchpool.

Blockvis is a frontier blockchain consulting and innovation firm based in the Baltic region. Its long-term sustainable presence in the blockchain space is backed by top tier level developers and numerous innovative solutions. Moreover, it has several significant clients in its portfolio, including Parsiq and AI-identity-verification giant Civic.

Gamification as a tool for DeFi mass adoption

The complexity of existing DeFi protocols is a well-known and common struggle in the race of competing with traditional centralized financial institutions. Numerous problems ranging from complicated deposit procedures to confusing interfaces are yet to be resolved by developers in order for DeFi to become a full-fledged alternative to centralized finance. Kalmar believes that creating a gamification experience with educational elements, along with the combination of various protocols using one familiar and clear interface, can be a serious step toward DeFi further evolution.

Thus, Kalmar’s team is happy to use TechPad’s advisory and supervising experience in creating innovative entertaining mechanisms that aim to establish a sustainable flow to safe financial instruments and services. To top that up, Blockvis is joining our partners network to complete the further growth with fundamental protocol level innovation.


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