LP Wars on KalmySwap. Introduction.

LP Wars on KalmySwap. Introduction.

The year has been a chaos, oof. Congrats if you are still here.

In fact, there is A LOT of you guys here and we can't ask for more with all the madness in the world.

Kalmarians have the real champs DNA. Confirmed. So, what's next?

Just like NFT staking...

Get your KALM ready for LP Wars.

KalmySwap is a hybrid AMM aggregator and we always were open about allocating 3rd party LPs on our platform as a part of Kalmy.APP growth. In 2023 a part of this growth would be a mix up of PancakeSwap community farms and reviewed Solidly. Allocated on PCS, available through Kalmy UI and getting users the best rates – let's overview this upcoming product.

It all starts with careful whitelisting. The projects (unless reputable) that are interested in placing their LPs and getting KALM rewards would need to apply for being on a voting list.

At first the applications and listing would be completely free of charge and the lists logic is similar to the current NFT staking votes.

So, once the application is reviewed and approved, the process gets predictable and continouos.

A new use case and more DAO components.

Remember we told you to prepare your KALM? Great!

Unlike alternative platforms, LP Wars are open to all participants, whether those are project leads, active community members, or just investors.

Every fixed period of time (let's say, a week), any of those groups of peoplecould vote for their favorite token LP to get a share of the weekly KALM rewards pool. We are currently carefully reviewing minimum and maximum % cuts for a healthy and controlled start of the LP Wars, so expect a follow up blog with numbers.

Keep in mind – KALM LPs will always be a part of LP Wars and all current the locked KALM logics would keep all the previous benefits (we explore a balanced way of KALM boosts on the LPs as well).

Not just cheaper and more predictable – the UX for guest projects stays the same!

While the guest LPs will be deposited through Kalmy.APP UI in order to get KALM rewards and KalmySwap needs to be used to access the best aggregation rates, the LPs themselves would at first be 100% physically allocated on PCS or an alternative large AMM.

This means that by depositing LPs on Kalmy, there is no loss of users access (no bottleneck of DAU since trading is available on both AMM and Kalmy aggregator) and no loss in trading fees for liquidity providers.

Lastly, the LP could be allocated on both existing and non-existing farms. If a project has an active CAKE farm, is whitelisted on Kalmy, and votes with KALM – users would be getting all the base rewards + KALM rewards on top of that.

If the rewards are non-CAKE, the final allocation of LP would be considered individually (to always make sure we double check DAU access vs APY priorities with each active community).

And that's it for now with LPs introduction!

We are preparing you guys more gifts (hopefully, including the ANKR exploit refund related to BUSD and HAY, we are still in latest stage talks) and we wish everyone to spend their holidays the best way possible to recharge for a powerful 2023.

The journey has been amazing so far, and this year it's time for it to become even more fun.

Love you all,

Santa Kalmari and Mark Claus.

P. S. The weekly NFT experiment starts soon – a random user of part X of Kalmy.APP will get 1 Kalmy NFT from treasury. See you on Monday for details >.<