Leveraged Yield Farming — Launch & Airdrop

Here are some updates about the launch of our leveraged yield farming product.

Leveraged Yield Farming — Launch & Airdrop

With the tokenomics of our first product and airdrop announced, the Kalmar team is excited to announce that the leveraged yield farming product will be launched on the 15th of April at ~9PM Singapore Time.

The bank will be the only part of the protocol available for the first 24 hours, followed by the farm. This will allow lenders to first provide the assets that borrowers will need in order to yield farm.

What's in it for the lenders?

To ensure a fair and diverse distribution, the team has decided to take the first snapshot for the airdrop within the first 24 hours of launch, which means that anyone who provided assets to bank ("Earn on BNB" section) before the snapshot will be eligible for the KALM airdrop.

Full details about our airdrop: https://docs.kalmar.io/leveraged-yield-farming/airdrop

What's an airdrop?

An airdrop is an event in which the project distributes digital assets (coins, tokens, NFTs, and so on) to users, with the most common requirement being using the protocol itself.

Read more about airdrops: https://academy.binance.com/en/glossary/airdrop

Note: In order to qualify for our airdrop users have to provide BNB coins to the bank and/or yield farm with more than 1x leverage.

What's a snapshot?

A snapshot is an event that records and saves the state of the blockchain at a specific block height to be later used as data.

Read more about snapshots: https://academy.binance.com/en/glossary/snapshot

Note: The only snapshot that will be announced is the one that will be taken within the first 24 hours, with the other snapshots being taken at random times chosen by the Kalmar team to protect ourselves and our users from bad actors.

Leveraged Yield Farming - Airdrop & Rewards Summary

For our leveraged yield farming product we allocated the following:

  • 300,000 KALM tokens (3% of the supply) from the "Team & Partners" fund to be airdropped to the early users of the product, distributed equally among lenders and borrowers.
  • 950,000 KALM tokens (9,5% of the supply) to be distributed as rewards within the protocol, 150,000 KALM tokens being distributed in the first 45 days as launch event and the remaining 800,000 KALM tokens to be distributed linearly over the next two years.

In addition, we would like to remind you that the leveraged yield farming product has been audited by Hacken.

Airdrop article | Product tokeonmics article | Audit article

Become a lender — Step-by-step guide

Step 1. Go to the "Earn with BNB" page.

Step 2. Input the amount of Binance Coin (BNB) you want to provide as a lender and click "Convert".

Step 3. Confirm the transaction within your wallet.

Step 4. That's it, you're now a lender!

To learn more about our leveraged yield farming product, read the following information in our documents section:

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