Leveraged Yield Farming — Audit Results

A summary of the leveraged yield farming contract's audit and a brief comment about the next steps.

Leveraged Yield Farming — Audit Results

We are happy to announce that the audit of our leveraged yield farming product is now complete!

At Kalmar, our users' safety always comes first. An action we have taken to ensure that goal is making an audit a mandatory step before the launch of our products.

Our development team has been working with Hacken since early March, and now we can finally share the results of their audit with you.


The audit was a success; our leveraged yield farming contracts have been classed as secure with no critical or high-risk issues found.

Read the audit report here: https://hacken.io/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/03042021_Kalmar_SC_Audit_Report.pdf

What's the next step?

Our work on security doesn't stop there.

With the audit now complete, we are now working on solving the medium and low-risk issues, per Hacken's recommendations, and preparing for launch.

If you know your way around Solidity and would like to give our contracts a try, don't forget about our bug bounty program.

Bug bounty program: https://hackenproof.com/kalmar/kalmar

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