KalmySwap Introduction & GotBit Partnership

KalmySwap Introduction & GotBit Partnership

It is now official: KalmySwap is the next block of the upcoming Kalmy.APP DeFi-NFT Hub. To learn more about Kalmy.APP check out the previous blog here (https://blog.kalmar.io/kalmy-app-nft-hunt-more/)

With an addition of the new product, we are as well happy to on-board a new advisor – GotBit Consulting LTD, a Tier-1 CEX/DEX Market Management powered by AI.

Without any further ado, let’s jump into the details.

What is KalmySwap?

KalmySwap is a hybrid decentralized exchange, where KalmySwap’s custom AMM pools are infused into the aggregator algorithm. The initial list of supported liquidity sources on Binance Smart Chain is as follows: Acryptos, ApeSwap, BabySwap, BakerySwap, BeltSwap, BiSwap, DODO, Ellipsis, JetSwap, JulSwap, Wault Finance, MDEX, Nerve Finance, PancakeSwap. More liquidity sources to be supported later on.

After several months of research and testing different approaches, we have decided to proceed with a custom DEX approach where we would essentially allow users not only to access the best rate but as well to be able to later influence the LPs through the Kalmy.APP parliament (DAO). This will open an opportunity to further optimize the liquidity and reduce best routing slippage.

KalmySwap’s first details overview

We believe that there is still a clear gap between CEX and DEX when it comes to the user experience. Our contribution to UX would be mainly focused on providing more data for informative decision making when trading.

The first tools available on KalmySwap will be default and custom market overview, charting, trade history, liquidity sources tumbler.

After delivering MVP, we will focus on expanding the functionality with a core vision of making trade process as informative as possible.

Below, you could find the early UI overview (note that the public release UI is subject to changes):

Why does current KALM holder need KalmySwap?

There are two main reasons for this: independent liquidity for KALM and fueling all swaps-related activities in the ecosystem.

We could not only avoid a risk of depending on 3rd party LPs decision making when it comes to KALM liquidity but as well influence a variety of products fees parameters.

These parameters are essential for balancing the entire ecosystem as well as contributing to everyone’s favorites – buybacks and burns.

The fees structure and KALM use cases on KalmySwap will be introduced in a separate blog and would eventually be subject to change through DAO.

Meet our new partner – GotBit!

We are happy to introduce GotBit as KalmySwap’s advisor on market related strategies. GotBit has years of experience in various Market Making activities and is actively extending into DeFi markets.

Together with GotBit we will research deployment of traditional CEX options as algorithmic tools or OTC trades in the DEX environment. Stay tuned for more details on this collaboration.

To learn more about GotBit, visit https://gotbit.io/ or https://twitter.com/gotbit_io

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