Kalmy NFTs - BSC NFTs got to the NEXT LEVEL

Kalmy NFTs - BSC NFTs got to the NEXT LEVEL

After so many votes, clues and leaks, it's finally time to talk about our new upcoming Kalmy NFT collection!

We'll talk about freemints, swapping, staking, voting, sales, and interactions with other projects, as well as planned AMAs (yes, multiple!).

About the new Kalmy collection

The new Kalmy collection will include 8,888 unique, algorithmically generated, and hand-picked squids eager to become your pfp and online-image!

With over 100 distinct traits, we guarantee you'll find a Kalmy who fits your personality.

The new collection will be available on BNB Smart Chain using the BEP-721 protocol, with the images housed on IPFS.

Staking, voting & NFT wars

We believe it is time to clarify that the new Kalmy collection will be stakable on kalmy.app, with the pool being awarded with KALM tokens, as we mentioned earlier on social media.

In addition, with the upcoming launch of our governance platform (surprise!), we're creating an NFT staking hub!

What does that mean?

Welcome to NFT wars, everyone!

The NFT wars mechanic fits perfectly our long term vision to maximize KALM locking and make voting a core mechanism on our platform.

We're planning to start weekly votes using our governance platform, where other NFT communities can vote for their favorite collections using KALM tokens, and the winner collections of each vote will have their own staking pool on our platform, with KALM incentives!

So, if you're a member of an NFT community and want it to be stakable on kalmy.app, prepare your KALM! Remember, the more you lock your KALM, the more voting power you have. Locking for four years increases your vote power by x208!

The NFT staking hub will operate on a voting mechanism, with 6 caps added and claimed according on the percentage of total votes received by the NFT collections.

The caps will be as follows:

  • 1st - 25%
  • 2nd - 25%
  • 3rd - 20%
  • 4th - 15%
  • 5th - 10%
  • 6th - 5%

Click on the drop down below for a comprehensive mathematical explanation of how the pools will function!

Explanation with example

The incentives model can be difficult to grasp at first, so let's look at an example to help.

Let's say that the pools will have a total of 100 KALM as weekly awards.

We now have ten NFT projects fighting for pools, with the voting percentages as follows:

  • A - 48% of votes
  • B - 25% of votes
  • C - 14% of votes
  • D - 6% of votes
  • E - 4% of votes
  • F - 1% of votes
  • G - 0.7% of votes
  • H - 0.6% of votes
  • I - 0.4% of votes
  • J - 0.3% of votes

In this example, the following happens:

A - should have 48% of rewards, but it's capped to 25%, so gets 25%

B - has 25% of rewards (hits the 25% cap exactly)

Because no other projects directly hit the next cap, we adopt the following basic formula: Where: X*Y/Z

X = remaining reward amount = 100 - 25 - 25 = 50

Y = percentage of votes the subject pool has = 14

Z = sum of total remaining votes = 14 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 0.7 + 0.6 + 0.4 + 0.3

So, our X*Y/Z = 50*14/27, which results in 25.92592593, which is higher than the next cap of 20, so we cap it at 20.

We repeat the process with the second pool, which results in 13.84615385 not meeting our cap, so we leave it as is.

In the end, our projects will receive the following awards (out of 100 weekly KALM):

  • A - 25 KALM / week
  • B - 25 KALM / week
  • C - 20 KALM / week
  • D - 13.84615385 KALM / week
  • E - 9.230769229 KALM / week
  • F - 2.307692307 KALM / week
  • G - 1.615384615 KALM / week
  • H - 1.384615384 KALM / week
  • I - 0.92307692229 KALM / week
  • J - 0.6923076927 KALM / week


We've always had a multi-sales approach, and this time is no exception.

This time we'll also go for multiple parts, which will differ in price offers.

Kalmy Sale Pt. 1

The cheapest part.

As we've mentioned on Twitter, the first part will be the cheapest and it will include 4 sales of 250 Kalmy NFTs each (1,000 in total).

The sales will take place every day at 6PM UTC from August 11th to August 14th.

The price of the Kalmy NFTs will vary depending on the token used to purchase the NFTs.


$85 / NFT - purchased using BNB, BUSD or CAKE
$75/NFT - purchased using KALM

The maximum amount of NFTs per transaction will be 50.

In subsequent parts, the price of Kalmy NFTs will rise, while the maximum number of NFTs available per transaction will fall.

Following the initial part, we'll publish the dates of future sales.

Freemints, Kalmy's Universe & Pancake Squad

The last part.

Although those of you who are active in the Kalmy community will have already collected and compiled every hint/leak we provided, let us clarify how the freemints, swapping and burning will go!

Pancake Squad

Ahh... We love Squads, what else is there to say? So, holding a Pancake Squad? You must then act quickly!

We've set aside 500 free mints for Pancake Squad owners on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yes, if you have a Pancake Squad NFT and are quick enough, you will be able to claim a Kalmy NFT for free!

Kalmy's Universe

Yes, if you have a Kalmy's Universe NFT, you can acquire a Kalmy NFT completely free!

There will be two ways to claim a Kalmy NFT using your Kalmy's Universe NFTs: swap & burn and regular claim.

Swap & burn

This method will allow you to claim a new Kalmy NFT by burning your old Kalmy's Universe NFT.

It will apply to the following NFTs:

  • Is it bullish? (also receives 10 KALM)
  • Moon Mission
  • NFT Freshman
  • Sherlock Kalms
  • Unbox Therapy - solid edition
  • The Snowman - solid edition
  • Ho Ho Ho! - solid edition
  • Gifts Time! - solid edition
  • Xmas Tree - solid edition
  • Ghosty
  • Witchy
  • Grimy the Reaper
  • The Knife Master
  • Scared Pumpkin
  • Professor Kalmstein
  • The Kalm of Wall Street
  • Chill Dude
  • Sporty Chad

Free claim

This approach will not burn your old Kalmy's Universe NFT, and you will claim a free Kalmy NFT.

It will apply to the following NFTs:

  • What's in the box?
  • Unbox Therapy - gradient edition
  • The Snowman - gradient edition
  • Ho Ho Ho! - gradient edition
  • Gifts Time! - gradient edition
  • Xmas Tree - gradient edition
  • Who said 'NF'?
  • Dark DeFi Magic
  • The Space Squid
  • Oh, it's a dog!
  • Swap it!
  • Yield loading...

Physical rewards - important announcement!

This notice is for anyone who has a Kalmy's Universe NFT with a physical reward.

The Kalmy NFT claiming period will also be the last eligible period to claim the physical rewards associated with your Kalmy's Universe NFTs.

If you're holding:

  • Unbox Therapy - gradient edition
  • The Snowman - gradient edition
  • Ho Ho Ho! - gradient edition
  • Gifts Time! - gradient edition
  • Xmas Tree - gradient edition

Your claiming options will be:

a) Claim a Kalmy NFT, forfeit the physical reward

b) Claim the physical reward attached, forfeit the claiming of the Kalmy NFT

If you're holding:

  • Who said 'NFT'?
  • Oh, it's a dog!
  • Swap it!
  • Yield loading...

Your claiming options will be:

a) Claim 2 Kalmy NFTs + 10 KALM, forfeit the physical reward

b) Claim physical reward + 10 KALM, forfeit the claiming of the Kalmy NFT

Holders will forfeit the ability to claim a Kalmy NFT or the tangible reward associated to their original NFT if they do not choose either option before the claiming time ends.

Ask us anything events!

We're going to hold two AMA events!

The first AMA will be on August 10 at 8PM UTC.

The second AMA will be on August 11th, one hour before the first sale, at 5 PM UTC!

Both of the AMAs will happen on our Discord server, so make sure to join!

We're ready to answer, so prepare your questions in advance!

To make sure you're notified about every update, join our Telegram group and our Discord server and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

To learn more about Kalmar, read our documents and blog sections.