Kalmy NFTs & Physical rewards - Info, trade, rewards, burn & more

Let's learn what the Kalmy NFTs are, what attributes do they have, how to claim your rewards, how to trade them and more.

Kalmy NFTs & Physical rewards - Info, trade, rewards, burn & more

With the KALM token launched and the first public sale on our NFT Fundraiser, we now have a new friend around, Kalmy, which is the Kalmar squid and probably the friendliest squid on the blockchain.

What is a Kalmy NFT?

The Kalmy NFTs are the NFTs users bought during our first NFT Fundraiser event at the KALM token launch.

If you haven't heard about our NFT Fundraising platform, check this out.

All five Kalmy NFTs

Do the Kalmy NFTs have any attributes?

Yes, of course!

Each Kalmy NFT can be burned for 10 KALM tokens on the fundraiser page. But that's not all!

Four out of the five NFTs, along with 10 KALM, also come with real life rewards which you can claim after burning the NFT.

The rewards are as follows:

📈 'Is it bullish' (19,919 total) → 10 KALM tokens

🖼️ 'Who said 'NFT'?' (50 total) → 10 KALM tokens & Kalmar Custom Hoodie

🐶 'Oh, it's a dog!' (25 total) → 10 KALM tokens & Kalmar Custom Sneakers

🥞 'Swap it!' (5 total) → 10 KALM tokens & iPhone 12

👨‍🌾 'Yield loading...' (1 total) → 10 KALM tokens & $5,000 USD

Cool! How can we trade a Kalmy NFT?

The Kalmy NFTs can be traded on Treasureland!

To sell one of your NFTs:

  • Go on Treasureland
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click on "Account" in the top menu
  • Click on your Kalmy NFTs
  • Click "Sale" and pick a price

To buy a Kalmy NFT:

  • Go on Treasureland
  • Click on "NFT Market"
  • In the left search tab, type "Kalmy" and click on it
  • Search for the perfect NFT for you and buy it

How do I claim the physical rewards?

Do you have an NFT with a physical reward? Awesome! 🥳

To claim the physical rewards of the Kalmy NFTs, simply fill out this form.

Is there any deadline when it comes to burning and claiming the rewards?

No, there is no deadline.

You can hold onto the NFTs as long as you want and then come claim your rewards at anytime.

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