Kalmy NFTs - Freemints, whitelist, reveal & AIRDROP!?

Kalmy NFTs - Freemints, whitelist, reveal & AIRDROP!?

All the five sales have now officially been sold out. Community has been waiting… What’s next?

The real NFT Madness starts now.

Whitelists, freemints, airdrop, reveal, and potential future use-cases for Kalmy NFTs and other BNB Chain NFT collections. Let’s dive into this!

We're reserving 353 Kalmy NFTs to be airdropped to our active users.

Pre-blog stakers

All users that staked over 25 KALM tokens before December 4th will be airdropped 1 Kalmy NFT (surprise!). This is now our third airdrop to stakers! Wen 4th?

Active governance users - voters

We're reserving 125 Kalmy NFTs to be airdropped to active governance users of the upcoming proposals.

The top 25 active governance users with the most vote power will each receive one Kalmy NFT, and 100 Kalmy NFTs will be airdropped at random to voters with more than 15,000 KALM voting power.

Please keep in mind that having 15,000 KALM voting power does not imply having 15,000 KALM tokens. The easiest way to get that voting power is to lock up ~72.2 KALM for 208 weeks.

The reveal will come with a twist.

The reveal will be divided into two parts: "the first reveal" and "the full reveal."

The first reveal

The first reveal is scheduled for December 10th, when the first 2,500 Kalmy NFTs sold through our five sales will be revealed.

The full reveal

All Kalmy NFTs will be revealed in the full reveal. The full reveal is scheduled for December 25th, as a Christmas present for all Kalmy App community members.

Kalmy's Universe

First and foremost, 3,500+ Kalmy NFTs have been reserved to be minted by Kalmy's Universe NFT holders.

If you haven't read our most recent blog about minting Kalmy NFTs by burning your Kalmy's Universe NFTs, we recommend you do so: Kalmy NFTs - BSC NFTs got to the NEXT LEVEL.

Minting a Kalmy NFT by burning your Kalmy's Universe NFTs does not require you to be whitelisted; however, the window to claim the freemint will only be open for 7 days, with the start and end dates to be announced as the freemints period approaches.

Pancake Squad

There are 600 Kalmy NFTs reserved to be minted by Pancake Squad NFT holders.

The ability to mint a Kalmy NFT using your Pancake Squad NFT will first become available to whitelisted users - we'll go in depth about how whitelists work and how to get one below.

If the Kalmy NFTs reserved for Pancake Squad NFT holders do not run out within the whitelisted period, they will be made available to claim by non-whitelisted Pancake Squad NFT holders on a first-come-first-served basis.

The first-come-first-served basis also applies to the whitelisted period, may it be more whitelisted users than NFTs available to claim.


Other collections that'll receive freemints are:

  • Pancake Bunnies - 100 freemints
  • MoonPets - 100 freemints
  • Planet ZUUD - 50 freemints
  • Pixel Sweeper - 35 freemints
  • Trippy Trunkz - 15

The claiming methods and rules are the same as for Pancake Squad's freemint event.

With whitelists having been mentioned for quite some time, this is the blog where we'll go over everything from beginning to end.

What are the advantages of being whitelisted?

Being whitelisted guarantees you access to mint a Kalmy NFT using your Pancake Squad or any other NFT collection which receives freemints.

Please keep in mind that being whitelisted does not guarantee you will be able to mint a Kalmy NFT, but only that you'll have first access to it, as even the whitelisted phase works on a first-come-first-served basis.

How to get whitelisted?

Aside from being an active member of the community and being chosen at random, you can get whitelisted by staking your NFTs on kalmy.app!

The whitelists for each pools are:

  • Pancake Squad - 300
  • Pancake Bunnies - 50
  • MoonPets - 50
  • Planet ZUUD - 25
  • Pixel Sweeper - 15
  • Trippy Trunkz - 10

The number of NFTs you stake has a direct impact on whether you'll be whitelisted, as whitelists will be distributed in descending order to the top stakers.

A snapshot will be taken at a random time between the posting of this blog post and the start of the freemints event.

The full reveal will be the final step in the Kalmy NFT launch, which will most likely be the last NFT collection we ever release. All future use-cases for KalmyApp-based NFTs will be assigned to the Kalmy NFT collection, while Kalmy's Universe will remain a collectibles-oriented collection.

Because the number of Kalmy's Universe NFTs that will be burned to mint Kalmy NFTs cannot be predicted with sufficient accuracy, we created a safe net of Kalmy NFTs that will remain in the possession of our core team (as you've probably noticed, the number of Kalmy NFTs available for sale + freemints does not add up to 8,888).

After the freemint period has ended, the exact number of Kalmy NFTs that will remain in the treasury will be announced, and no more Kalmy NFTs will be minted/bought.

All remaining NFTs will be used for future events such as marketing campaigns, contests, or airdrops as we enter kalmy.app BETA phase, with many months(or years!) of NFT drops for the users. Are you ready?

We're getting close to Kalmy NFTs' full launch and reveal, which is one of the many steps in our path to empower DeFi for the masses utilizing NFTs and KALM.

The full launch of our last NFT collection is not the end, but rather the beginning of what is to come. Our whiteboards are covered in use-cases for our lovely multi-colored squids, which we intend to incorporate into all of our products, from our leveraged yield farming product to our AMM aggregator, KalmySwap.

Use-cases for NFTs within Kalmy App are not solely reserved for Kalmy NFTs, but for all BNB Chain NFTs, but more on that later. Let's just say that the KALM token will be the neurotransmitter of the entire Kalmy App platform.