Kalmy NFT Traits & Special Kalmys - Reveal!

Kalmy NFT Traits & Special Kalmys - Reveal!

The first reveal is here, with 2500 Kalmy NFTs showing their tentacles for the first time!

Our Kalmy NFT collection is not fully revealed yet, with the full reveal happening on December 25th (Happy Christmas!), with that said we still believe some clarity when it comes to traits rarity and special Kalmys is needed, so we'll go over some main points in this blog post.

The exact rarity of the traits will not be revealed yet, as the collection is not fuly revealed.

Special Kalmys

Within the Kalmy collection there are 84 special NFTs:

  • 68 Samurais
  • 10 1:1 Kalmys (Geisha, Alien, Fire Alien, Faust, Silver Surfer, The Bride, Neo, Negan, Pancake Bunny, Alisa)
  • 4 Robot Kalmys (Carbon, Metal, Orange, Colored)
  • 2 Zomie Kalmys (Black, Green)

Within the first 2500 NFTs, there are 23 Samurais and 5 other special Kalmys.

What does it mean if I have a "special Kalmy"?

If you have a special Kalmy, it means you're the proud owner of a 1:1, Robot or Zombie!

What exactly do you own? Well, that's a secret only to be revealed on the 25th!


Let's get into some traits, sha'll we?

All traits will be in descending rarity order.






Final note

A final rarity blog for the traits will be available once the collection is fully revealed, on December 25th!

Until then, let us know what Kalmy NFTs you got in our Telegram group!

Don't forget whitelists are still being given at random to our active users, with which you'll be able to get a freemint or even an airdrop!

To learn more about it read our latest blog: Kalmy NFTs - Freemints, whitelist, reveal & AIRDROP!?