Kalmy.app, NFT Hunt & More

Kalmy.app, NFT Hunt & More

Kalmy App + NFT hunt

We're now quickly approaching 6 months since the KALM token launched and our platform went live. In light of that, we want to give a huge kudos to everyone who has been with us during this early stage!

Our original vision of BUIDL-ing a DeFi hub fueled by NFTs and alternative forms of crypto-gamification is now becoming more and more real.

Today, we will be introducing the next step to the fulfilment of Kalmar's core vision -  the Kalmy.App.

"Wait, what?"

Kalmar's initial products were never meant to be more than an extreme live test of the tech we're developing and some minimal viable products.

In order to create a DeFi hub with essential financial protocols on it, we needed a unified interface. More importantly - a sturdy and secure, unified interface. Because inevitably, to progress with DeFi, new DeFi protocols like a (!spoiler alert) KalmySwap, for example, is a priority.

To the most of our ability, we want to ensure these and all new pieces fit seamlessly without any unnecessary mess.

Kalmy.App will officially be the place fueled by KALM - where all the crucial DeFi, NFT, and DAO blocks will co-exist.

More about Kalmy.App

The Kalmy.App will consist of reviewed and redesigned content of the current product, as well as the following upgrades:

• Leverage v3
• NFT v2
• KalmySwap v1 - AMM aggregator

Detailed changes and information on these upgrades/additions will be covered separately in a future post.

In the meantime, we invite everyone to apply to the Kalmy.App Alpha and explore these changes themselves.

The testing period will start on the 17th of October 2021 and will be incentivized (!spoiler alert). NOTE: Preference for applications will be given to active community members and original platform testers from Spring 2021.

You can apply here: Interface Beta Testing Form

The "Kalmy's Universe" NFT collection!

Let's take a quick look at it:

Firstly, the NFTs you might already know about:

Now, we present you with the new - Kalmy's Universe NFTs:

  1. 🌑 'Moon Mission'

2. ✏️ 'NFT Freshman'

3. 🔍 'Sherlock Kalms'

4. 💰 'The Kalm of Wall Street'

5. 🏃‍♂️ 'Sporty Chad'

6.  🕯️ 'Chill Dude'

7. 📚 'Professor Kalmstein'

8. 📦 'What's in the Box?'

9. 🔮 'Dark DeFi Magic'

10. 🚀 'The Space Squid'

So - how do you get all these NFTs?  It's time to introduce...

Kalmy's NFT Hunt

Each NFT can be obtained through different methods. Some will be distributed to lucky stakers, some to Kalmy.App Alpha testers and some will be able to be purchased through burn sales.

All you have to do is keep your eyes open and monitor our socials. There will be easter eggs for sure.

For the first 5 designs that were distributed during the original NFT fundraiser: those will be included in the collection, and the owners will be able to migrate those through Kalmy.App by burning original ones and receiving the corresponding version within the new collection. This will keep everything within the same contract.

So... THE question you Kalmarians might be dying to know..

Is it going to be listed on PCS market?

Answer: We have applied, so we'll have to wait and see.

Last but not least, seasonal events are coming. Feelin' spooky yet?

$KALM Use Cases - Development Update.

We are always looking for meaningful and balanced ways to utilize $KALM within the platform. But most of the time - new users never really know what's going on.

"Where roadmap" is one of the most asked questions in communities - so, the team thought of making a special feature for this.

The new Kalmy.App platform will include a live status, live-updating "road map" feature so users will ALWAYS be in the know of what the team is currently working on and what might be coming up next. This will be displayed next to our $KALM use-case developments section.

DAO, Current Decentralization Approaches & Market Sentiment

As we get closer to materializing the initial concept of a gamified DeFi hub, we will be integrating the community into the governance of the Kalmy.App via a Kalmar DAO.

Proper and careful transitioning into the concept of community ownership economy is perhaps a topic for a separate blog. We are aware (and hopeful) that at some point, the Kalmy.App will become large enough and outgrow the minds of Kalmar's core team. We'll at least need more critical thinking and opinions from a new perspective.

This is not just to encourage community discussions but also to provide a bit of transparency on important matters. This is in line with the overall direction of the future updates aimed towards making the Kalmy.App as independent and decentralized as possible.

For example, the KalmySwap will support the KALM-BUSD incentivized pool to avoid any instabilities caused by 3rd party protocols adjustments. We will keep strongly following the decentralization approach in our decision-making processes before the DAO transition is completed.

So, what's next?

To wrap up this blog (with quite a lot of info), we wanted to thank everyone once more for supporting us. We, the team, are barely mid-phase of fulfilling our original vision and we can't be happier with the community and the large team we have at Kalmar.

Full-year of plans are already scheduled in detail and we will continue to provide the amazing community with updates.

The next big step already in the works = the upgrade from basic gamification to core gamification. But maybe, we'll just pause here and let everyone digest the content of this blog.

With that said, come to our AMA,  on October 18th, 9PM SGT on Telegram. And, as always, stay tuned!

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To learn more about Kalmar, read our documents and blog sections.