KALM Token Launch Wrap up & Next steps

Let's quickly wrap up the launch and take a look into the next steps we're about to take.

KALM Token Launch Wrap up & Next steps

With the fundraising events now over, we are extremely grateful for the support we received during the events, with the IFO on PancakeSwap reaching $800M in overflow at peak prices and the NFT Fundraiser being sold out in just 10 minutes.

Let's see some details and see what updates we're working on.

What's next?

With the token successfully launched, the next steps which we'll be taking are consist of:

NFT Trading Platform & Real life reward claiming method

We are working with a popular 3rd party NFT marketplace to implement the Kalmy NFTs and give the green light to Kalmy NFT trading, expected to be done this week.

If you do not know what the Kalmy NFTs are, what are they backed by, what you can receive for burning them or how you can burn them and claim the rewards, we have a special blog post on its way just for that!

Adding KALM-BNB leveraged farm & the beginning of the KALM rewards

We can share that, of course, the KALM-BNB leveraged farm is on its way. Due to the low liquidity in comparison to other farms like CAKE-BNB the math behind the config needs some tweaks so we only allow a responsible amount of leverage, rapid price movements being expected.

Along with that, we are testing and close to start providing KALM rewards on our leveraged yield farming platform.

KALM Token upcoming added use cases and ideas

Fundamentally, the KALM tokens is the one fueling the ecosystem of products built on Kalmar and being used as incentive for participation in our financial products to scale adoption.

At the moment we are considering making the KALM token be utilized by the gamification mechanics we are developing, essentially connecting products with each other in the future.

With that said, for a more closer plan when it comes to timeframe, we are looking into making the KALM token provide early access to future public sales on our NFT Fundraiser product as well as implementing a profit sharing mechanism among KALM holders.

More details about the above to be released closer to the release of the roadmap.


Every snapshot has now been taken and it has been decided that the airdrop will take place in three stages of 100,000 KALM tokens each.

Information about the distribution dates to be released this week.

BUSD Lending and stablecoin pairs

The BUSD Lending and stablecoin pairs protocol is being audited by our partners Hacken and we expect to launch it in the next 7-12 days.

The recent events that happened in the BSC ecosystem are unfortunate but a reminder that safety comes first, therefore we want to be completely sure that our product is safe from any and every tool available (for example, flashloans).

Sneak peek 👀

Final Note

With all the above said, this is not even half of our roadmap and we can safely say that the upcoming months will certainly be fun and full of building.


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