Introduction to the KALM token

A brief introduction to the governance token of Kalmar.

Introduction to the KALM token

We are excited to announce our plans and vision for Kalmar’s token: KALM. Continue reading to learn more about the KALM token.

Information about the token:

  • Token name: Kalmar Token
  • Token ticker: KALM
  • Total supply: 10,000,000
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Contract address: (TBA)

Token Distribution and Release Schedule:

  • 60% of the total supply has been allocated to be gradually distributed over the next 30 years as rewards among the products we are building.
  • 15% of the total supply has been allocated (with a linear release for the next 2 years) for fundraising purposes (private and public funding). Unlike startups releasing a large number of tokens at launch, our release is done in a way to reduce sudden or drastic price fluctuations.
  • 25% of the supply has been allocated for the Kalmar's team and partners - (17% and 8% respectively ). This supply will be allocated with a linear release for the next 10 years.

For transparency's sake, we would like to also share that these partners & team funds will be used to cover the expenses of the project, hiring more members for the team and financially sustain the project through time.

Transparency, Integrity & Vision

KALM's tokenomics has a clear goal it wants to achieve: a healthy, fair, and long-term solution.

Although releasing 6,000,000 KALM over a 30-year period may seem a little lofty, the good news is that we have long-term goals for the project, and such a slow token distribution is meant to keep us focused and on track. Instead of offering short-term reward plans to create hype or launching an inflationary token with poor fundamentals, we want all of our products to have rewards programs not only in the very beginning but also farther down the road.

We are willing to sacrifice a portion of the bonus annual returns in order to create a predictable and safe environment for our users, incentivizing cryptocurrency adoption even further.

Final note

Our vision is to develop the KALM token so that it has a bright, stable, and robust future, but it is not without other utilities alongside the products that we aim to build in Kalmar. From DeFi-related products to products that benefit the daily lives of people all around the world, we believe that the tokenomics has to work alongside practical and beneficial products for users to achieve success here in the crypto space.

Important notice: At the time of writing, the KALM tokens has NOT been launched yet. We will announce the token's launch date from our official social media accounts on Telegram and Twitter (links below).

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To learn more about Kalmar, read our documents and blog sections.