$200,000 USD event, airdrop rewards & how to qualify

$200,000 USD event, airdrop rewards & how to qualify

We're pleased to see Kalmar thrive as a multi-chain project, with KalmySwap, bonds, and LP staking live after months of thinking, analyzing, planning, and developing!

To commemorate this, we're hosting a 200,000 KALM event, where we'll be:

  • Airdropping 100,000 KALM
  • Burning 100,000 KALM

A portion of it is reserved for KALM and vKALM holders, but you can win even if you are new to Kalmar. How? πŸ‘‡

It's simple, swap $10 on KalmySwap!

All you have to do is do a swap of minimum $10 USD on KalmySwap and you're entered in the raffle!

How do I swap on KalmySwap?

Step 1. Go to kalmy.app/swap

Step 2. Do a swap of minimum $10 USD!

Step 3. That's it, you're now entered in the raffle.

What are the prizes?

The airdrop spreads across three blockchains, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom.

The rewards are as follows:

  • πŸ˜€ Winners: 300 (100 on each blockchain)
  • πŸ’° Prize: 100 KALM each (30,000 KALM total)

When does the event start?

We've started keeping count of swaps since the update! In other words, the event is live.

How many entries can I have?

One entry per day, per blockchain. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning.

We've already talked about the planned airdrop and its classifications, but no sums were provided. We ran a number of simulations to determine the amounts of each category and sub-category, and we feel we've arrived at a fair distribution model.

Click here to read our initial blog regarding the forthcoming airdrop.

The figures are subject to change as we have a surprise for which we do not yet have enough data.

Snapshots taken at block 17565677 on BNB Smart Chain.

1) The Diamond Tentacles πŸ’ŽπŸ¦‘

Criteria - Must have staked KALM (holding vKALM) and the sum of all KALM sold should not exceed 10% of current vKALM holdings.

Total amount of eligible addresses: 657

Check if you've made the list: Diamond Tentacles - Airdrop list

Diamond tentacles will receive both category 1 and category 2 airdrops.
Sub-categories Airdrop
Holding 0-9.8 vKALM 0.186921 KALM
Holding 9.8-24.5 vKALM 0.4673025 KALM
Holding 24.5-49 vKALM 0.934605 KALM
Holding 49-98 vKALM 1.86921 KALM
Holding 98-245 vKALM 4.673025 KALM
Holding 245-490 vKALM 9.34605 KALM
Holding 490-980 vKALM 18.6921 KALM
Holding 980-2450 vKALM 46.73025 KALM
Holding 2450-4900 vKALM 93.4605 KALM
Holding 4900-9800 vKALM 186.921 KALM
Holding 9800-24500 vKALM 467.3025 KALM
Holding 24500-49000 vKALM 934.605 KALM
Holding 49000+ vKALM 1401.9075 KALM

2) The Stakers πŸ¦‘

Criteria - Must have KALM staked (holding vKALM). No timeframe or supplementary criterion in place.

Total amount of eligible addresses: 856

Check if you've made the list: Stakers - Airdrop list

Sub-categories Airdrop
Holding 0-9.8 vKALM 0.09888 KALM
Holding 9.8-24.5 vKALM 0.2472 KALM
Holding 24.5-49 vKALM 0.4944 KALM
Holding 49-98 vKALM 0.9888 KALM
Holding 98-245 vKALM 2.472 KALM
Holding 245-490 vKALM 4.944 KALM
Holding 490-980 vKALM 9.888 KALM
Holding 980-2450 vKALM 24.72 KALM
Holding 2450-4900 vKALM 49.44 KALM
Holding 4900-9800 vKALM 98.88 KALM
Holding 9800-24500 vKALM 247.2 KALM
Holding 24500-49000 vKALM 494.4 KALM
Holding 49000+ vKALM 741.6 KALM

3) The KALM holders πŸ¦‘

Criteria - Must have more than 49 KALM and has had more than 40 KALM in the last 7 days.

Total amount of eligible addresses: 415

Check if you've made the list: KALM holders - Airdrop list

Sub-categories Airdrop
Holding 49-98 vKALM 0.6888 KALM
Holding 98-245 vKALM 1.722 KALM
Holding 245-490 vKALM 3.444 KALM
Holding 490-980 vKALM 6.888 KALM
Holding 980-2450 vKALM 17.22 KALM
Holding 2450-4900 vKALM 34.44 KALM
Holding 4900-9800 vKALM 68.88 KALM
Holding 9800-24500 vKALM 172.2 KALM
Holding 24500-49000 vKALM 344.4 KALM
Holding 49000+ vKALM 688.8 KALM

Final note

If you still have unanswered questions, join our Telegram group, where our team is ready to help.

We reserve the right to adjust the airdrop and burn terms, if necessary.

To make sure you're notified about every update, join our Telegram group and follow us on Twitter.

To learn more about Kalmar, read our documents and blog sections.