1/2 September Progress Report.

1/2 September Progress Report.

Here is the summary of key Kalmy.APP accomplishments and stats for the first half of September:

• New farms:

6x aBNBc (ANKR) - BNB; current base yield 49.5% (63.9% compounded)

More info:

4x Wombat - BUSD; current base yield 392.7% (4869.4% compounded)

More info:

6x Hay Decentralized Stablecoin (Helio Money) - BUSD; current base yield 122.3% (239.7% compounded)

More info:

• Burn stats (burn/buyback sources - leverage vesting, unpurchased bonds, KalmySwap fees buyback, NFTs):

~780,000 (7.8% of total supply; 13.7% of circulating supply) -> ~928,000 (9.3% of total supply; 16.2% of circulating supply)

More info:
0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead address on BNB/AVAX/FTM networks

• Lending stats:

BNB 6.03%
BUSD 8.29%

• New DeBank data added:

Staked KALM
Locked KALM
Staked LP-tokens

More info: debank.com

• Kalmy Minting:

RareBoard support is now available together with the minting spotlight.

More info:

• DappBay security:

Application and team info has been submitted successfully; risk assessment identified KALM as the lowest risk group.

More info: https://twitter.com/bsc_daily/status/1570764704695328770

• AMAs:

1) Helio Money AMA: https://twitter.com/Helio_Money/status/1567503250366103554

2) Pancake Squad NFT AMA: https://twitter.com/KalmyAPP/status/1569062833736003584

• New UX/UI bounty:

We have launched a new bounty program aimed to identify all the feedback about UX bugs and/or inconveniences.

More info: https://twitter.com/KalmyAPP/status/1570225094882131968

• Development progress:

1) NFT Staking: UI completed, staking contracts tests.
2) DeFi: new type of lending/borrowing for Wombat exchange pools, contracts tests.

Total amount of commits in the last 15 days: 32. Top commit size: +1362 -306.

• NFT progress:

1) Rendered 50+ traits and matching shadows (2K resolution).
2) Designed the last traits (15+).

Total amount of hours used by equipment for rendering: 10+.

• "NFT Wars" progress:

1) KALM Snapshot for voting is at a random time this weekend (Sep 17 or 18).
2) Voting for week 1 rewards will start immediately after the snapshot and will last for 5 days.

Any NFT collection is qualified to receive KALM rewards. The list of currently whitelisted collections could be found on vote.kalmy.app. We expect to add Kalmy's Universe for the first voting.

More info on how to vote with KALM for you NFTs to get rewards can be found in these 2 blogs:

Intro: https://blog.kalmar.io/kalmy/

Details and rewards math: https://blog.kalmar.io/the-nft-maddness-a-new-chapter/